FM Artist Brushes

The FM Brush Company is the world’s premiere manufacturer of premium quality art brushes that satisfy the unique needs of painters, watercolorists, sculptors, mix media specialists and decorative painters alike. Since 1929, FM Brush has provided over 85 years of lasting experience to create the world’s finest art brushes.

FM Brush designs and manufactures custom and private label artist brush collections to the highest quality standards.  FM Brush offers a distinguished variety of brushes for every medium, (acrylic, oils, gouache, watercolor, tempera, inks, dyes and hot wax caustics). No matter what your skill level, the precision of an FM Brush can be felt through every stroke on the canvas.

FM Brush has established its reputation as a global leader by consistently manufacturing high quality products, creating innovative brush styles and providing a unique blend of natural and synthetic brush hairs for our most selective clients.

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FM Brush’s long handle artist brushes offer an expansive selection to choose from, for all your oil and acrylic easel painting needs. From kolinsky red sable, interlocked white chunking bristle, golden synthetic, camel hair, black bristle, and sable alternatives, FM’s artist, craft and hobby brushes consistently provide a high level of performance for every artistic application.

Our short handle artist brushes are available for when close up detail work is needed. choose from the unique selection of blended synthetic brushes and natural hair artist brushes to provide a level of quality not available from other artist brush manufacturers.

  • Choose from over a dozen brush canisters (long & short handles).
  • Composition Assortment Series for educational markets.
  • Micron brushes for detailed artwork.
  • Sets for oil, acrylic & watercolor applications.
  • Versatile double-sided Duet artist brush.
  • Palmer brushes used for simple faux finishing techniques, base coating and textures.

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Innovation and Design

Each FM brush is a precision tool that is designed to work again and again under demanding conditions. Our handmade American brushes are constructed using precise quality standards and state of the art production techniques. FM Brush only uses reputable sources for our manufacturing materials, which only come from renewable resources.

We invite you to work directly with our leaders, production team and master brush makers, to create a brush experience unique to your product line while maintaining your brand’s identity. FM Brush will complete your vision from concept and design to production and packaging.

Quality Components

The FM Brush Company will create a custom brush line that offers your customers a variety of paint brushes for almost every medium and application. We offer a full line of artist brushes, with over 17,000 available styles, 19 patented designs, an expansive line of fill materials (brush hair), techno-synthetics, lacquered dipped handles, colors, logo imprinting and package sourcing. FM Brush’s experience, design and production ability is unmatched in today’s fine art industry.

FM artist brush styles and sizes available include brights, rounds, flats, fans, washes, quills and liners. (both in long & short handled custom dipped colors ). All FM artist brushes are hand-crafted, kiln-dried and offer seamless metal ferrules to provide safe, long lasting, water-resistant beauty. The types of fill material (brush hair) available from our expansive list include: kolinsky red sable, quill, pure white chunking bristle, blended golden synthetics, blended white synthetic, pure squirrel, golden and white taklon, fine camel hair, faux squirrel, faux sable, and much more.

FM Brush’s consistent quality control standards ensure customer satisfaction in both product branding and performance. Some of our advanced features include:

  • Non-toxic lacquered dipped handles
  • Natural and Synthetic Alternative Materials
  • Branding
  • Private Label Production

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Branding and Packaging

FM Brushes are synonymous with quality and exceptional performance. We can help you establish and achieve deep brand equity with our branding and packaging services.

Not only has FM Brush has earned its excellent reputation by consistently manufacturing high quality products and innovative brush styles but is also committed to creating well-designed packaging such as individual protective, peg ready pouches and point of purchase displays that will engage customers and increase turnaround.

Dynasty Logo

The FM Brush company is proud to be the exclusive manufacturer for Dynasty Brushes. The Dynasty brand offers a wide variety of brushes to fit every budget.  From red sable kolinsky, quills, Symmetry, and Black Gold brushes to special value priced Eye of Tiger, Dynasty Canister and Faux Squirrel brushes, they have a brush that will meet your artistic needs.

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