Branding & Packaging

FM Brush cosmetic and artist brushes are synonymous with quality and exceptional performance, We can help you established and continue a deep brand recognition with our branding and packaging services. FM Brush has earned its excellent reputation in the global marketplace by consistently manufacturing high quality products while creating innovative brush styles and effective packaging, which provides for instant recognition of your product brand.

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Whether you are an individual artist or a retail company looking to use the power of the FM Brush brand to introduce your product line, FM Brush can help you to achieve your product branding needs.  By leveraging the FM Brush brand with your products, you immediately establish a sense a familiarity with consumers which brings together all of the benefits, values, culture and personality of the FM Brush brand.

Market research suggests that a consumer that has had a positive experience with a brand is more likely to try a new product that they believe has the same level of quality and performance as the original favored brand.

Our leadership team executes a marketing strategy to deepen and protect our brand equity by:

  • Ensuring that our product quality consistently meets our client’s needs
  • Having a competitive pricing strategy
  • Maintaining cost-effective distribution channels
  • Sustaining a successful marketing communications program for our products lines

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