Frequently Asked Questions

When was The FM Brush Company established?

Originally established in 1929 by Frederick Mink, Sr., the Mink family now has nearly 95 years of experience in creating high-quality brushes that feature the right blend of form and function.

What type of brush styles are manufactured by FM Brush?

FM Brush is well known globally for its newly created brush styles in both natural hair and synthetic brushes.  The patented Black Gold and Dynasty brush lines offer a variety of brush styles which include:  Chisel Blender, Shader, Brights, Flats, Filberts, Rounds, Flat Wash, One stroke, Dagger Deerfoot, Fan, Liner and many more unique styles.  The Dynasty brushes are designed to perform on numerous mediums which include watercolor, oil, acrylic, and gouache.

Does your company use natural or synthetic hair for your brushes ?

Dynasty uses both natural and synthetic hair depending on the intended purpose/use of the brush.  We have a team whose expertise is in component materials, selecting of stock elements and a wide range of specialty options.  This makes FM Brush/Dynasty your ideal choice as a brush manufacturer.

What specialty brushes do you have available?

Dynasty has introduced very innovative brushes to the marketplace.  The specialty brushes that are available today are:

  • Wave brushes
  • Butterfly brushes
  • Fandango brushes
  • Whale’s Tail brushes
  • Fountain brushes
  • Symmetry brushes
  • Decorator brushes

Does FM Brush sell to individual consumers?

The net minimum order required for consumers to purchase directly from FM Brush is $200 USD.  The time to manufacture your orders and ship to you may take between two to four weeks.

Where can I find your brushes locally?

In finer cosmetic, art,craft and hobby stores worldwide.

Is your company environmentally conscious?

Yes. We are environmentally sensitive and support the fight against animal testing.  In addition, our brush handles come from managed wood reforestation programs.

Does FM Brush have brushes for a variety of industries?

FM Brush Co., Inc. is the primary manufacturer of artist, cosmetic, surgical, ceramic, craft, and custom-made brushes that are distributed world-wide.  If your industry is not listed, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Do you manufacture cosmetic brushes for mineral makeup ?

Yes.  We have created a cosmetic brush line designed especially (not exclusively) for mineral makeup.  The Mineral Optics line is a Beauty Stroke product which includes 6 brushes.  Its unique design of two different lengths of hair creates a soft look with minimal effort.  Three brushes are optic brushes, two are finishing eye brushes, and the last brush is a brow groomer brush. Visit to learn more.

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